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Merry Christmas 🎄 Please note that non-urgent support requests and other enquiries may not be answered on 25th/26th December and 1st January. We will provide a normal level of service on other days

Businesses like us use remote access software as a tool to provide support to our customers, but scammers also use them for fraud. Banks, internet providers, Microsoft and Amazon will never call you out of the blue and ask you to give them access to your computer or phone/tablet

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About Ltd is a computer and internet services company based in Gloucestershire, UK. We have been providing web hosting services since the business was founded in 2004, initially offering shared hosting and design services, with reseller hosting, dedicated servers, server management/support and VPS being added to our product line-up over time. The name was adopted in 2005 and incorporated as a limited company in 2008.

Our main web hosting servers are housed in a state of the art datacentre in London. We have additional servers providing DNS and backup services in the United States and France. Our network is designed so that a failure of any one server cannot impact the services running on any other server. We utilise different datacentre and connectivity providers in each country to prevent a failure at one provider causing service outages at our other datacentre locations.

In 2011 we launched Swift VPS and which are focused on providing managed virtual private servers and server management/support services, respectively.